You may be wondering what you'll win at the end of this quiz. Wonder no more – it’s a consultation with our creative director Helen Barlow.
Take just 20 minutes to give us the bigger picture first.
Where does a successful design project begin?
By asking questions.
You live and breathe your business/organisation every minute of your working day. We'd like your help to be able to discover who your brand is. Then we can advise you on how to build a successful and defined brand image.

Don't worry if you can't answer a question right now just skip and move on. However, please complete your answers in one sitting and hit submit to save.

Once you've completed the quiz we'll contact you to arrange a suitable time and date to help you brainstorm your next steps. No obligation, no catch, we just love a good ol' creative chat!
I'm raring to go
SECTION ONE: What's it all about?

Branding and business planning go hand in hand and the following 11 questions will help us understand your business objectively.
What is your name? *

What is your business/brand name and where does it come from?

If you don't have a name yet please let us know.
Where can we find your website if you have one?

Which industry does your business operate in?

Tell us a little about how the business/organisation started?

Why/when was it created what does it do and why does it exist today?
If you had to describe your business and the service you offer in 5 adjectives, what would these be and why?

Please tick your top 3 brand/business goals:

If you had to make £50,000 with your business this year, how would you do it?

What do you think makes your service different to others in your sector?

SECTION TWO: Who’s it all for?

A well-defined target market is the first and probably the most vital element to developing a robust brand.
Sorting out who your audience actually is, and then finding out what has meaning for them will enable you to craft your brand communications in a way that will catch their eye.
Please answer as many of the following 9 questions as you can.
Have you completed profiling of your ideal customer?

If yes, in a few words who is your IDEAL customer?

You can simply pick 5 key adjectives that best describe your ideal customer?
Please list the types of people who would be interested in your product or service and why?

Aim for a minimum of 3 maximum of 10.
What is the most important feature of a service like yours in their eyes?

As well as customers who else values what you offer the most?

Who are your products NOT for and WHY?

If a past customer/client were to describe your brand, what would they say?

Do you think that everyone who has interacted with your brand would describe you in the same way?

Please tell us why?
SECTION THREE: Your brand hat

Brand personas provide the link between motivation and action. Creating a persona for your brand not only gives your audience something they can comfortably relate to, it is also used to build your brand look and feel. Personas have a certain aesthetic, a tone of voice, a way of writing; they provide a 360-degree complete personality that humanises your brand.
Defining a brand’s persona by answering this section of creative questions is a vital step if you want to connect with your audience and communicate on a human level.
What about this business gets you up in the morning?

If your brand walked into a room what would you want people's first impression of him/her to be?

Why would you like it to be this impression?

If you selected 'other' what 4 words would you choose to be associated with your brand?

Here are a few examples to get you started: Bold, subtle, beautiful, elegant, natural, professional, funky, understated, family…
If you had a big speaking gig booked, what would you wear and why?

You arrive a sales meeting. What mode of transportation would best represent your brand and why?

Describe the tone of voice of your brand.

Here are a few examples to get you started: Quiet, loud, outspoken, generous, casual, trusted, approachable, serious, warm…
Why this tone?

What words would you never use in your brand and why?

Are there specific words/phrases that are unique to your brand?
What primary message do you want to convey to your customers?

This does not have to be just a verbal message. This is about how you want customers to feel each time they interact with your business. How do people feel each when they hear ‘your brand name’?
Of the following 12 characters which would you most like your brand to be associated with?

Why did you choose this character?

SECTION FOUR: Your position

There are many international companies that have been very successful in portraying their brand identity. Understanding where and how you position yourself in relation to other brands can help inspire your next steps. Just 5 short questions and we're almost done.
Have you done any competitor analysis?

Who will your main competitors be and what do you like and dislike about how they present themselves?

Are there other companies you aspire to be like and why?

Please provide their website or social media profile links.
Which company would your company best identify with?

They may not actually be in your industry and that's fine we're not talking about their ethics but how they present themselves and have inspired brand loyalty. Tick as many as you like.

How would you like to position your brand in the market?

SECTION FIVE: Your brand values

Once you understand your brand values, you can start teaching colleagues and staff how to communicate on behalf of the brand and you provide your audience with the right tools to help raise your brand awareness correctly.
A huge part of the branding process is refining these values into tools you can use and all it takes to get started is the answers to these 2 questions...
What ethical values and qualities would you say your brand has?

What is your organisation’s core value and why?

SECTION SIX: Would you like to work together?

To get us off on the right foot please let us know a bit more about how and when we can help you. We'll be in touch shortly after you hit submit to arrange a suitable time to chat more.
Which services are you most interested in? *

And what would you like these services to achieve for your business?

What are your objectives and expectations for this project?

Using 5 adjectives, describe how you would like your design work to look and feel.

What would be a major NO for you?

For example do you have specific preferences or dislikes around the colors and other elements of the designs?
Are there designs that you have seen and thought were weak, and what made you feel that way?
Do you have a moodboard or links to your likes and dislikes that will visually inspire us?

You can simply paste 3 links here of designs that particularly inspire you and tell us what you like best about them?
What is your budget range for this project? *

What is your timescale for completion? *

Could we grab your phone number and/or email? *

How did you find us?

If there is anything you think we've forgotten to ask and need to know please tell us here:

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